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What Happens if You Set Your Rent Too High?

As a landlord, your primary goal is to maximize your investment and make a nice profit.

Your rental unit can sit empty if you set the rental price too high in Murrieta, CA.

It’s a delicate balance between setting a rent that’s fair to your tenants while still ensuring you make a decent return on your investment.

However, it’s important to understand the implications of setting your rent too high. In fact, charging too much for rent can actually cause you to lose money on your investment. 

Pricing your rental property properly is crucial. Too high, and you could scare away potential tenants. Too low, and you’re losing out on potential income.

There are consequences of setting your rent too high. Finding the perfect rent price is a balancing act that could be the answer to maximizing your investment and attracting high-quality tenants. 

Setting the rental price for your property is more than just about making money; it’s about understanding the market, your tenants, and the value you’re providing.

The Negative Consequences of Overpricing Your Rental

Setting your rent too high could actually hurt your real estate investment rather than line your pockets with the cash you hoped for. 

Vacancy Periods

Setting the rent too high can lead to longer vacancy periods. Potential tenants may be deterred from renting the property if the rent is too high, and it may take longer to find a tenant.

This can result in lost income and going into debt. Each month your rental sits empty you’re paying for the mortgage, taxes, and utilities out of your own pocket. 

Low Tenant Retention 

High rent prices can also lead to lower tenant retention rates. If tenants feel that they are paying too much for the property, they may be more likely to look for a cheaper alternative when their lease expires.

This can result in a higher turnover rate and more time and money spent on finding new tenants. Acquiring a new tenant can cost up to $1,000, especially if you use a professional leasing agent to promote your property.

Between cleaning and advertising fees, plus the valuable time spent showing the property to potential tenants, the costs of tenant acquisition aren’t worth setting too high of a rent price. 

Tarnished Reputation

Overcharging for rent can also lead to negative reviews and a bad reputation. If tenants feel that they are not getting their money’s worth, they may leave negative reviews online or tell their friends and family about their negative experiences.

This can make it harder for the landlord to find new tenants in the future.

Legal Issues 

Setting the rent too high can actually lead to legal issues. Some states and cities have laws that prohibit landlords from charging excessive rent prices.

Landlords who violate these laws may face fines and legal action.

In California, for example, there are some cities that have rent control laws. The rest of the state must abide by rent increase laws that allow up to a 10% increase during a 12-month period. 

How to Find the Perfect Rent Price for Your Property

Be careful not to set the rent too high on your rental property in Murrieta, CA.

The key to a successful rental property investment is finding a balance between your operating costs, the local rental market, and the rent price you set for your property. 

To figure out the perfect rent price, you should take a few steps before landing on a number. 

Research the Local Rental Market

One of the best ways to find the perfect rent price for your rental property is to thoroughly research the local rental market.

You can check the rental prices of similar properties in your area, and this will give you an idea of the average rent price for your property type. You can find this information through online property listing sites or property management company websites. 

You’ll want to look at properties with the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and condition as yours to help determine the price. 

Property Location and Condition

The location and condition of your rental property are also important factors to consider when setting the rent price.

If your property is in a prime location or in excellent condition, you can charge a higher rent price.

On the other hand, if your property is in a less desirable location or needs repairs, you may need to lower the rent price to attract tenants.

Calculate Your Expenses

Calculating your expenses is another way to find the perfect rent price for your rental property.

You need to consider the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, and any other expenses related to your rental property.

Once you have calculated your expenses, you can add a reasonable profit margin to determine the rent price. This should go hand-in-hand with your market research. 

If your expenses are too high for the average rent price in your area, consider eliminating or reducing them if possible.

Consider the Demand for Rental Properties

It’s simple economics: supply and demand.

The demand for rental properties in your area is another crucial factor to consider when setting the rent price. If there is high demand for rentals in your area but not many rentals are available, you can charge a higher rent price. 

However, if there is low demand, you may need to lower the rent price to attract tenants.

Consult with a Professional Property Manager 

Finally, you can consult with a professional property manager to help you find the perfect rent price for your rental property.

A property manager can provide you with valuable insights into the local rental market, help you calculate your expenses, and determine the best rent price for your property. 

With years of experience and access to accurate data and market research tools, a property manager can find a perfectly balanced rent price for your property. 

Price Your Rental Property Just Right with Scout Property Management

Landlord relaxes after not setting rent price too high.

Navigating Murrieta’s rental market can be overwhelming, especially when figuring out the right rental price for your property. 

Scout Property Management, the leading Murrieta property management company, is here to take the burden of researching, managing, and tracking your rental property investment off your shoulders. 

We’ve helped hundreds of rental property owners maximize their investments without lifting a finger. 

From maintenance coordination to tenant acquisition to financial reporting to rent collection, Scout Property Management does it all! 

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